Success Stories

Every match Visiting Neighbors makes is as unique as the two people involved.
We are experts in bringing people together to share life experiences and to learn from each other. We have matched elderly musicians with young singers, blind seniors with volunteers who enjoy reading aloud to them, young families with seniors who enjoy grandparenting, and seniors who enjoy teaching knitting and other crafts to their volunteers. We have thousands of success stories of seniors and volunteers whose lives have been enriched by their involvement with Visiting Neighbors.

Robert began visiting Sam, an 82-year old senior, who shared his passion for chess. They spent hours together each week, talking and playing the game. Sam, who had lost his wife of 56 years the previous year, would not leave his apartment, no matter how much Robert tried to coax him to get outside.

Finally, one spring day, Robert told Sam about the men he saw playing chess in the park on his way to Sam's apartment.
Sam's eyes brightened. He said, "I know them. They've been there a long time. My wife and I used to talk to them when we went for a walk." With Robert's encouragement, Sam said, "Let's go take a walk so I can see them."

Robert felt he had made a big difference in the quality of Sam's life and his emotional recovery from the loss of his wife, because now, when he visited Sam and the weather was good, Sam often suggested that they walk to the park."