Health Advocacy

VN's Health Advocate provides information about health problems seniors face and helps seniors identify free or low-cost health resources. Without a person to encourage them, some seniors may avoid going to their doctors or not seek any necessary medical procedures. They may lack motivation or may be afraid of what the physician would say to them. They could also have difficulty getting to the doctor's office, or maybe financial concerns. Our Health Advocate "nudges" our seniors to get their all important check-ups or check out a symptom they would rather ignore.

Our Health Advocate:

• Prepares seniors for emergencies
• Assesses their apartments for health and safety hazards
• Recommends ways to eliminate those hazards
• Offers information on preventing falls/injuries
• Helps seniors communicate better with their doctors
• Assists in navigating the often overwhelming health care system

If a senior who has no family or friends nearby is hospitalized, VN's Health Advocate will visit them there to reassure the senior and to let the hospital staff know that there is someone concerned for the senior's well-being.